We are a space  dedicated to food. A “putia” (a Sicilian word, meaning a small shop selling food, wine and household goods) serving food, but also a delicatessen and wine bar. A small but welcoming space located in Piazza Purgatorio, a popular gathering place in Marsala known for its Baroque architecture.

Ciacco offers typical Sicilian dishes, just like nonna used to make, but with a gourmet twist and a special focus on ingredients and seasonal produce.

A special space Anna is also reserved for wine, with a wide selection of Italian and Sicilian labels.

Great attention has been given to the wines of Marsala, with a rare selection of wines from over ten different winemakers encompassing twenty-five different labels, making it one of the widest and most varied selections of wine by the glass available in our city.

People come to Ciacco to eat, to buy, but above all, to socialise.