Originality consists of returning to the origin (A. Gaudì)


Ciacco’s cuisine captures the spirit of the place: the dynamic and informal menu includes typical Sicilian dishes with a taste of home and special treats prepared with the very best ingredients carefully selected by the owners, Anna and Francesco.

The blackboard features dishes of the day made using traditional Sicilian recipes, just like nonna used to make, with a gourmet twist and a special focus on ingredients and seasonal produce: some of the traditional dishes on offer include pasta with sardines, purpette d’ova (bread balls cooked in fresh tomato sauce), u macco ri fave (soup made with dried broad beans and wild fennel), a frocia (pan fried pasta with eggplant and basil), fish couscous, sardine pie and meat rolls.

The à la carte menu includes tempting delights: platters of cured meats and cheeses from small Sicilian and Italian producers; Slow Food presidia, such as Belice Vastedda (a stretched-curd sheep’s milk cheese) and Piacentino Ennese (sheep’s milk cheese from the province of Enna in Sicily); fresh cheeses served with delicious ingredients, such as anchovies from Sciacca and tuna bottarga (salted, cured roe).

Francesco’s Ciacco Burgers also feature highly on the menu. They are a true passion of his and offer a wonderful blend of international and very Sicilian flavours for the delight of gourmet hamburger lovers.

The well-stocked wine cellar is equally important, offering wine lovers the chance to explore numerous pairings from a range of more than 100 labels, including Marsala, white, red and sparkling wines, originating from some of the best production areas in Sicily and Italy.